Our team

Our team of more than 40 agents, three directors and two project managers is at your service. We are a key extension of your sales force; together we share the same goal:


Our multidisciplinary team becomes expert in whatever industries we must communicate. Our ability to discuss the industry, and the products and services that are of interest to your contacts, is our recipe for success. We offer our agents the training and professional development that enables them to identify the issues and discuss the market trends that affect our clients.

Our agents have the experience and talent required to speak with professionals from all levels of hierarchy.

We offer services in French and English, giving our customers the opportunity to target a wider market.

Our agents are deeply involved in the projects entrusted to them, from the first meeting to establish strategy to the delivery of final results. They are available throughout the process to answer your questions and help you keep your finger on the pulse of your call campaign.

The team members all share three talents:
– The ART of communication
– The ART of business development
– The ART of telephone dynamics

The success of the team is based on the values that our founder, Mélanie Portugais, has always advocated:

– Respect for others
– Collaboration
– Sharing
– Providing value to our customers

Make one call to us and we will make thousands more for you!

Mélanie Portugais ombre

Mélanie Portugais


(514) 395-4575 poste 101

Mélanie Portugais ombre

Geneviève Samson


(514) 395-4575 poste 103

Mélanie Portugais ombre

Alex Cooper

Go-to Market Strategist

(514) 395-4575 poste 105

Mélanie Portugais ombre

Julie Vallée

Account director

514-395-4575 ext 170

Mélanie Portugais ombre

Sebastien Abou-Farhat

Coordonateur opérations

514-395-4575 poste 139


1-877-395-4575 / (514) 395-4575


(866) 512-2579


4000 St-Ambroise, bureau 397, Montréal

ID IMPACT is a call center providing B2B telemarketing services tailored to your needs and your goals. We specialize in telemarketing activities that uncover qualified leads and appointments, generate direct sales and establish qualifications databases. We have implemented more than 700 telemarketing strategies, using more than 500 scripts, confirmed more than 6,000 qualified appointments, sold more than 10,000 customers and made over 800,000 calls

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