Description of our services

ID IMPACT is your partner in sales development, through the creation of new business opportunities and lead-generation programs. ID IMPACT works as an extension of your sales force, offering high-quality telemarketing prospecting services where professionalism, integrity and dynamism are the keys to our success. Our approach and results differ from those of other firms, as we focus on mastering the art of communication and delivering service with passion. Thanks to the synergy of our team and our perseverance, the level of motivation we maintain is always high.


– Our experience in B2B cold calling

– The implementation of effective, innovative marketing strategies, using all avenues at our disposal

– Our industry versatility and global expertise

– Our dynamic and professional team who are at your disposal

– Constant monitoring of progress by your project leader


1-877-395-4575 / (514) 395-4575


(866) 512-2579


4000 St-Ambroise, bureau 397, Montréal

ID IMPACT is a call center providing B2B telemarketing services tailored to your needs and your goals. We specialize in telemarketing activities that uncover qualified leads and appointments, generate direct sales and establish qualifications databases. We have implemented more than 700 telemarketing strategies, using more than 500 scripts, confirmed more than 6,000 qualified appointments, sold more than 10,000 customers and made over 800,000 calls

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