Direct sales by phone

1 – Introduction
We only have 20 seconds to make a good first impression. That is why our approach must be both powerful and reassuring to ‘grab’ your contact.

2 – Engaging
Our representatives are experts in the art of converting an expense into an investment, with emphasis on the added value that the customer will receive. To convince someone, you must first listen. That’s why 100% of sales stem from an understanding of needs.

3 – Propose and overcome objections
Once we have introduced ourselves, and generated interest, it is then time to reveal our purpose: Our representatives will adjust the pitch according to your previously identified needs, while diffusing any objections on the part of the contact to continuing. They will use every tool at their disposal to get a “Yes, I will buy!” answer.

4 – Closing the Sale
No sale would be complete without a proper verbal agreement to buy. Our agents are trained to capture banking information and complete the transaction online. We use secure systems to ensure data privacy.

At ID IMPACT, hard-sell pressure does not exist. We generate for you customers who are informed, satisfied and come back year after year.

The quality of our agents comes from extensive role-playing training, simulations and analyses of real cases. We maintain their motivation with a variety of performance-based bonuses.

Make one call to us and we will make thousands more for you!


1-877-395-4575 / (514) 395-4575


(866) 512-2579


4000 St-Ambroise, bureau 397, Montréal

ID IMPACT is a call center providing B2B telemarketing services tailored to your needs and your goals. We specialize in telemarketing activities that uncover qualified leads and appointments, generate direct sales and establish qualifications databases. We have implemented more than 700 telemarketing strategies, using more than 500 scripts, confirmed more than 6,000 qualified appointments, sold more than 10,000 customers and made over 800,000 calls

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