About IDImpact

ID IMPACT has been a leading B2B (business-to-business) enterprise call center since 2003, specializing in effective telemarketing activities which leverage opportunities for selling your business, including:

– Generating meetings with prospects and targets
– Direct sales
– Developing databases of key contacts

Our guiding goal in delivering outstanding service? To INCREASE revenue opportunities for your business.


We are an extension of your sales operations.

Whether in Quebec, North America or Europe, we have the expertise and network that enable us to deliver on your sales goals.

We have the expertise and knowledge required to generate the results you desire, according to your schedule and business strategy.

With over 400 campaigns in the areas of information technology, professional services, manufacturers and events, we master the language of your industry and adapt our approach according to the caller. We have put in place over 700 strategies, written more than 500 call scripts, set up more than 6,000 confirmed appointments, sold more than 10,000 customers and made over 800,000 calls.

Our telemarketing services are tailored to your needs and your goals. From large-scale outreach to small or ad hoc campaigns, we are your partner through the year. Regardless of the size of your project, we have dedicated resources available to you, in addition to a project manager who is focused on maximizing results for your business.

At ID IMPACT , everything is detailed and quantified for you.

You have only to make one call to us, and we will make thousands more for you!


1-877-395-4575 / (514) 395-4575


(866) 512-2579


4000 St-Ambroise, bureau 397, Montréal

ID IMPACT is a call center providing B2B telemarketing services tailored to your needs and your goals. We specialize in telemarketing activities that uncover qualified leads and appointments, generate direct sales and establish qualifications databases. We have implemented more than 700 telemarketing strategies, using more than 500 scripts, confirmed more than 6,000 qualified appointments, sold more than 10,000 customers and made over 800,000 calls

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